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About the scheme

Help with pension problems

If you are in any doubt about your benefit entitlements, or have a problem or question about your Local Government Pension Scheme membership or benefits please contact Pensions Services. They will endeavour to clarify or rectify any misunderstandings or inaccuracies as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you are still dissatisfied with any decision made in relation to the scheme you have the right to have your complaint independently reviewed under the Internal Resolution Procedure and, as the scheme is well regulated, there are also a number of other regulatory bodies that may be able to assist you.

Internal disputes resolution procedure (IDRP)

In the first instance you should write to the person nominated by the body who made the decision about which you wish to appeal. You must do this within six months of the date of the notification of the decision about which you are complaining.

The nominated person will consider your complaint and notify you of his/her decision. If you are dissatisfied with that person’s decision, you may, within six months of the date of the decision, apply to your administering authority to have it re-considered.

Pensions internal dispute resolution procedure (PDF, 824 KB). For use only if you are a member of the LGPS, for Firefighters Pension please contact the Chief Fire Officer.

To avoid unnecessary effort on your part, please let us try to resolve the matter before you resort to a formal complaint.

Pensions Ombudsman

If you have a complaint or dispute with your pension provider concerning your workplace or personal pension arrangements you should contact the Pensions Ombudsman

0800 917 4487


If you need information and guidance concerning your pension arrangements contact the MoneyHelper.

0800 011 3797

Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator has powers to protect members of work based pensions schemes and a wide range of powers to help put matters right, where needed.

In extreme cases, the regulator is able to fine trustees or employers, and remove trustees from a scheme.

0870 606 3636

Tracing pension rights

The Pension Scheme Registry holds details of pension schemes, including the Local Government Pension Scheme, together with relevant contact addresses. The purpose is to provide a tracing service for ex-members of schemes with pension entitlements (and their dependants), who have lost touch with previous employers.

All occupational and personal pension schemes have to register if the pension scheme has current members contributing into their scheme or people expecting benefits from the scheme. If you need to use this tracing service please contact:

0845 600 2537 – find a lost pension