Here is a list of pension guides, publications and all the latest newsletters for current members and previous members of the Warwickshire Pension Fund.

If you are a retired member, view the latest copies of Ragged Staff.


Document name Categories
A brief guide to the LGPS (PDF,185KB) Category:Guides
A guide to the LGPS for employees (PDF,756KB) Category:Guides
Annual Allowance 2019 (PDF,435KB) Category:Updates and changes
Lifetime Allowance 2019 (PDF,542KB) Category:Updates & changes
Memorandum of Understanding regarding Compliance with Data Protection Law (PDF,38KB) Category:Guides
LGPS Regulations and Guidance latest bulletins Category:Guides
GDPR Short Privacy Statement (PDF,30KB) Category:Updates & changes
GDPR Full Privacy Notice (PDF,40KB) Category:Updates & changes
Protection Of Retirement Benefits For Employees Receiving A Reduction To Their Salary (PDF,665KB) Category:Guides
Reducing Your Working Hours (PDF,623KB) Category:Guides
Pension Divorce Guide (PDF,230KB) Category:Guides
Pension Leave Of Absence (PDF,609KB) Category:Guides
Guaranteed Minimum Pension Booklet (PDF,182KB) Category:Guides
Is The Local Government Pension Scheme For Me (PDF,235KB) Category:Guides
Pension Scheme Information On TUPE And Local Government (PDF,940KB) Category:Guides
A Guide to the LGPS for Employees (PDF,819KB) Category:Guides
A brief guide to the LGPS for Employees Category:Guides
Automatic Enrolment Guide (DOC,6.2MB) Category:Updates & changes
Consultation On Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations (PDF,340KB) Category:Updates & changes
Industrial Action LGPS 2014 (DOC,64KB) Category:Updates & changes
Freedom and Choice (PDF,139KB) Category:Updates & changes
Equality Statement (PDF,1.13MB) Category:Updates & changes
Additional Voluntary Contributions FAQs (PDF,674KB) Category:Guides
Employer retirement guide (PDF,620KB) Category:Guides
Annual benefit statement guide (PDF,483KB) Category:Guides